Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Misappropriation of terms:

A post on what not to do.

Trigger warnings and triggers.

A trigger warning is a warning for a material that may trigger flashbacks, PTSD episodes, anxiety, basically it warns for anything that can be a trauma trigger for someone with something like PTSD

Being triggered is an unavoidable reaction to a trauma trigger. It is not:

Something that just makes you feel a little sad/otherwise has little impact on you.

Please stop misappropriating trigger to mean "this makes me feel sad", also I don't want to see the following argument:

"I'm fine with X which triggers me so others don't need a trigger warning because I cope just fine".

If you can say that? You are probably not being triggered because nobody who had experienced a trigger would say that, so stop appropriating the term to argue against consideration for people who are triggered by subjects. It's fucking irritating beyond belief.


Spoons come from The spoon theory

Seriously, don't hijack this, your able bodied self arguing that you don't have the "spoons" not only makes me wince, it dilutes a powerful way to explain the limitations of disability to people.

If you really knew what having no spoons was like? You wouldn't toss it out there with a grin. So please don't misappropriate our terminology.

I'm sure there's many more people could mention.

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