Thursday, 30 August 2012

But if rich people make less money they won't want to work:

I'm addressing the absurd proposition that if the taxes that the rich don't dodge were higher, they wouldn't have any incentive to work.

As if making mere millions instead of billions is somehow such a major step down that making nothing at all would be better?

Seriously, what the fuck?

I tell you what, if millions isn't enough to motivate you to do a job and you want billions for it? I know plenty of people who are scraping by on benefits well below the poverty level who would be happy as anything to do the job for mere thousands because it would still be better paid than benefits.

How is it poor people need to be reduced to below poverty, to be unable to feed their children, to go hungry themselves, to "incentivise" them to work in an economy where there simply aren't jobs for them, but the rich? The rich need their money increased ten fold to incentivise them to work otherwise they won't work at all even at wages the vast majority of people can only DREAM of having.

Answer me that?

Why is the answer to out of work poor people to make us poorer? But millionaires need more, more, more to do something that fucking benefits them?!

Cos godforbid they only make "mere millions" instead of having a balance book that could pay to care for each and every citizen of this country to have a decent standard of living from cradle to grave ten times over.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I wouldn't know what to do with a million pounds, I certainly wouldn't need more but then I'm not greedy. A single million could set me up for life. It would set most people up, there's no real reason for anyone to require obscene amounts to work except for sheer greed and that has never been a good motivation for anything.

 There seems to be a notion that rich people "deserve" more just for being rich in the first place. That they're entitled to have their assets constantly increase until they're in the financial stratosphere simply because they inherited wealth, scammed the financial market or otherwise exploited others for their wealth.

I'm sure some of them did earn it but with the revelations of massive tax dodging on the parts of companies like Virgin who make Branson rich and the libor exhange manipulation and other unsavory practises, there's obviously a lot of unethical and downright greedy wealth increase going on there. Add to that the 155 BILLION that has gone into the pockets of the rich from the wage increases that should have happened and quite frankly the idea that the rich don't have enough money is fucking laughable and that we're being "mean" to them by expecting them to pay up for their ravaging of our community, financial district and wages is a mere fairytale told by a bunch of corrupt greedy fuckers who want to keep that gravy train going even as the country crumbles under it's weight.

Don't argue that you need more money to encourage you to work when you make more taking a fucking piss than I could do in ten years if I was healthy, because I will call you out as a greedy fucker.

The rich have already made more than enough off of the backs of others, the gravy train needs to halt because the economy cannot support their greed. If million pound payouts are somehow not enough for them, we can always find people who would work for that.

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