Monday, 4 February 2013

This is why we can't have nice things:

Aka Landon Bryce says shitty things and then accuses other autistics of "wanting to hate" him when called out on them.

Apparently in the world of Bryce, heterosexual couples totallu represent bisexuals, we're clearly omnipresent, just like all those pictures of Allistic folks totally represent autistics so autistics are clearly represented, oh wait, that's bullshit.

Dear Landon,

I'm bisexual. It doesn't mean I can be represented by images of straight people because I am not straight. The notion that somehow images of heterosexual people fulfill my need to see people like me represented is as asinine as the idea that images of allistic people fulfill the need of autistic people to see people like us represented.

Bisexuals don't have privilege, you proved that with your unthinking biphobia in assuming that representation = images of straight hetero people like we somehow default to straight by being bisexual.

Sexuality and gender covers a wide variety of images, you didn't understand this and felt bisexual people had no right to be upset at a singular presentation of sexuality and gender in a supposed inclusive space. You are wrong, and biphobic.

You compared being bisexual to being an allistic parent of an autistic child and arguing that we have privilege as well, that is offensive.


Do not try to speak for Gays and Lesbians for the most part.
Do not spread propaganda about gays and Lesbians.
Don't call being homosexual/Lesbian a disease or raise money to cure your sexuality.
Don't try to tell you how to be gay or argue you aren't gay enough to represent your sexuality.
Aren't mainstream like allism is.

Routinely ignored at best by the GLT community. At worst often derided as being fake, slutty, confused or as appropriating homosexuality. We're often told to either pick one side or the other by the cis-sexist Gay and Lesbian communities. We're accused of Transaphobia for merely existing by the trans community who don't understand that Bisexual doesn't refer to binary gender but to loving those of the same gender or a different gender.

We're subject to the same homophobia as Gay and Lesbian people, but with added derision from the Gay and Lesbian communities, if we date someone who makes us appear straight, we are "fake" and "appropriating homosexuality" if we admit to being bisexual, if we date someone who makes us appear same sex orientated, we are "in denial about our 'true' sexuality", and "lipstick lesbians". Our behaviour is constantly policed by both the straight and other sexual minority communities, if we do not find someone attractive, it is seized on as "proof" that we aren't really attracted to people of their gender, how we date is taken as proof that we're not really bisexual. If we demonstrate attraction to all genders, we're sluts and incapable of being true to someone.

How is that privilege? Oh yeah, it isn't. Even if it was privilege, it wouldn't be the kind of privilege Allistic parents wield against autistic advocates. You compared a minority group to a majority group. That's offensive.

Also you really need to learn to handle criticism without defaulting to denigrating others as "needing to hate". Sometimes people will criticise you and your group because you're being shitty. I'm autistic and bisexual, I'm not going to leave one identity at the door and accept you shitting all over part of me because you sometimes defend another part of me.

You want to talk about bias? Start by tackling your biphobia before attacking bisexual autistics who dare to call you on it.

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