Friday, 8 February 2013

And McCreath strikes again...

Misgendering me.

According to the misogynistic, classist, anti-choice, biphobic, and phobic of any Trans/Queer person who isn't a trans woman and who doesn't meet her strict binary gender criteria McCreath, I'm a female.

Fact: I'm gender queer/fluid for all society sees me as a woman and my body is biologically female. If my body matched my internal gender, it would be closer to Intersex than either gender because I flow between the genders, though I accept she/her as terms for simplicity, I am not a female. But then McCreath thinks we're all either a boy or a girl and people like me don't exist. Much like she thinks bisexuals don't exist.

McCreath and those like her are why people like me don't feel safe in trans/gender queer spaces. McCreath is someone I don't want in a space when I discuss reproductive rights, my female body or how society views my gender because she makes safe spaces unsafe with her bigotry towards my gender/sexuality and her ignorant ideas about gender. If she'd been born a cis woman? I still wouldn't want her in a safe space with those ideas.

Mccreath honestly scares me. She scares me because she makes it clear she thinks anyone who isn't a trans woman is automatically lesser or cis, she scares me because she thinks a non-existent test is enough of a reason to basically demand people are forced to give birth and risk death or disability as well as increased poverty just in case Trans people might not get born. She scares me because everytime she opens her mouth, she does harm to the fight for gender equality and recognition of the fact that gender is not binary, it's a spectrum. She scares me because she makes people like Brennan look more reasonable than they are and that takes some doing given Brennan is a major bigot.

She scares me because she does her best to silence and shout down gender queer people who aren't trans women. She scares me because she clearly doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. She scares me because I honestly think she'd throw every other non-binary gendered person under the bus if it benefits her. She scares me because she's classist as hell.

She scares me because she seemingly just wants to railroad through changes without considering anyone else including gender queer people. She scares me because any disagreement results automatically in her shrieking abuse, misgendering people, and being a bigot.

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