Thursday, 21 March 2013

Problem with not calling out "calling out":

skepchick on calling out.


This is based on the idea that the person calling out or tackling the issue is always that minority and that the response is negative because of that.

As some of us have seen more and more generally privileged people are jumping on the social justice bandwagon, not necessarily to improve the lives of minorities but to expiate their guilt at being part of the issue/prvileged and/or because it gives them a ready excuse to bully, abuse and look down on others in the name of doing good.

Calling out isn't always a minority educating a majority and facing push back. Sometimes it's a majority abusing a minority because the majority person thinks the minority said something unacceptable to another minority. We need to have a discussion about this, it does not further our cause or voices to have them hijacked by privileged people. It does not educate people when those privileged people who are supposedly our allies appropriate our anger and treat them like dirt and then justify it with the tone argument like they're the ones actually suffering.

Social justice is becoming the playground of the straight cis able bodied well off white bully. This needs to stop. It's also becoming more about what "allies" want than what we want, such as the times when allies demand that we be okay with bad depictions because zomg it's a depiction and any is good!

This sort of shit is why we get examples like the time a load of white cis straight "allies" defended a fanfic written by a white cis straight self declared "ally" to PoC and jumped on anyone who disagreed bullying them and decrying them as racist for objecting to a portrayal of a person of color. Problem? The PoC original female character was one dimensional as fuck, and that one dimension? Was the biggest "PoC's are so racist/cry racism wrongly/misuse the race card/unfair to white people" stereotype walking. (and they actually wondered why people saw the character that way).

Call out culture is becoming toxic, because the privileged people are moving in on it, and we need to call out their jackassery because it hurts us.

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