Sunday, 10 March 2013

How Buggy causes problems:

The primary effect of what Brennan does causes harm to trans people in general, the secondary effect is what I'm going to discuss today, which affects trans men and gender queer female assigned at birth people, plus cis women.

The secondary effect of what Brennan does? It stops us having discussions about the problems that do exist within the trans women community regarding their attitude towards anyone who was born with a vagina whatever our gender actually is. There's a lot of misogyny within the trans woman community, we don't talk about it though because everyone is too busy with shitty stuff Brennan and her ilk said.

It stops us talking about the body shaming comments that pour out from some trans women activists who unfortunately choose to reconcile their own body issues by attacking the bodies of anyone who has the body they should have been born with.

It stops us talking about efforts by some trans women activists to put a spanner in fighting for reproductive rights because they can't get pregnant, and to systematically erase female assigned at birth bisexual, trans men and gender queer individuals from the GLBTQ grouping.

It stops us talking about the violent rhetoric directed at anyone with a Uterus by some trans woman activists who feel that the existence of transaphobia is akin to a license to dish it out onto others.

It stops us talking about the problems with stereotypes being the go to expression for trans women because some don't seem to realise that being a woman is being themselves and are pressured to meet a stereotype to justify themselves, and it stops us incorporating that discussion into gender discussions and what we can do to tackle those stereotypes so nobody is pressured.

It stops us talking about the red flags for violence sometimes present in how trans women talk about people who are considered biologically female. Seriously, sometimes I'll be reading something and wonder if I somehow was redirected to an MRA website due to the venom dripping off the page at anyone with a Uterus cis or not.

It stops us talking about the effect that male socialisation clearly does have on people who are not men, and stops us talking about the fact that all the convicted trans rapists and predators caught doing things like trying to take photos of people in bathrooms share something in common? They're all trans women who transitioned later in life after being raised as male.

It stops us from talking about the real issues that the trans community needs to address in favour of an endless screaming match with Brennan. Nobody is ever going to convince Brennan not to be a transaphobic douche, but will you please stop fucking using her as a shitty excuse not to tackle these problems? I am tired of being told my rights are not GLBTQ rights, I am tired of being erased, I am tired of having my body called nasty and disgusting, I am tired of being misgendered at best, entirely erased or even threatened.

Most of all I am tired of the fact that trans women do this to me. I get this fucking shit enough from cis men, I don't need it from those who should fucking know better.

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