Saturday, 8 December 2012

Trans dismissal.

Don't get me wrong, Cis women who say that Trans women aren't really women need to shut the fuck up and sit their bigoted asses down.

I also think the notion that Trans women are a threat to cis women if they have a penis to be absolutely fucking ridiculous.

However, could trans women please stop dismissing the concerns of female bodied women when it comes to sexual predators?

And could you please realise it's an intersectional issue, while I do respect that you are in fact a woman and most certainly are not a threat to me, I want you to respect in return that having a female body means we are subject to constant gender violence and therefore have been taught to be afraid of cis men in ways you're only just discovering. I want you to understand that female bodied people have very few safe spaces where they don't have to be hyper alert to the sexual violence of cis men, and to understand that the safety of female bodied people needs to be balanced with the safety and rights of trans women.

These are examples of cis male sex offenders who have dressed as women in order to access spaces where they would be able to see, touch or even assault female bodied people and children while those people were unclothed or vulnerable. <== in this one the guy basically admitted that was his intention.

And do remember these are only the ones who got caught, the catch and conviction rates on cis male predators is low.

Here's the thing Trans women, cis male sex offenders, they don't come with a handy dandy label identifying them. That's why female bodied people are so scared and protective of their spaces, because we are taught it is our job to protect ourselves and to be constantly vigilant. We live with paranoia because anything less is dangerous to us. I don't care if the trans woman in the changing room with me has a male body, because she's a woman, I do however care if there is someone who is a cis man in the room with me who is pretending to be trans in order to view women and children naked or who may be planning to sexually assault someone because I have to care about the latter, it's a very real threat to me.

I also cannot understand why you don't find these cis men to be a concern as well. Do you think you would magically be immune if a cis male sex offender came into the bathroom dressed as a woman with the intention of assaulting someone? Do you think you're not at risk of violence and sexual assault from these cis men somehow?

I don't know what the answer is, until rape culture, cis male sexual violence and transphobia come to an end, there is no perfect solution that will keep us all safe. I'd just appreciate it if you'd remember our safety as well as yours.

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