Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Peter Lloyd: Bigot without a bra:

Peter Lloyd of the Daily Mail just had to open his mouth today and sexism spewed out and onto his keyboard and then onto the web.


"This week, Esther Walker - wife of celebrity food critic Giles Coren - wrote a lacerating opinion piece about her casual sexism towards men and boys."

Dear Peter, women cannot be sexist. Prejudiced yes, sexism however requires institutional power, which only men have. Furthermore given the fact that we live in a patriarchy with rape culture and all that crap? There are very good reasons why women may feel ambivalent towards men at best.

"As a men's issues writer, and an activist for greater compassion around male-specific problems - including father's rights, the 90 per cent of homeless people who are men and our soaring suicide rates - this baby bias is no different."

 Prior to this he quotes some of the "offensive" article seemingly without realising that many of the things complained about are male behaviours encoded into patriarchal expectations of men. As if women shouldn't complain about undesirable male behaviours that basically we're expected to put up with constantly from when we are young.

Fathers rights? See MRA. See probably fairly ignorant of why the system works that way and how it is men that have largely caused it, because it's not like making child raising women's work socially doesn't affect father's rights, oh wait, it does.

The 90% of homeless are men? Bollocks.

80-88% are the highest numbers and they are highly disputed because it's considered that much female homelessness is concealed homelessness, and those figures are before this happened: The number of women who are homeless has soared in the last decade.

There's a whole load of issues with him using that statistic I could go into. It's not as simplistic as he's making out.

"In fact, it might be worse - because here we've reached a new low in the socially acceptable hatred of men and defenceless boys."

You're kidding me right? Socially acceptable hatred of men and boys? Yeah because women being perceived as being mean about men who enjoy a level of privilege and advantage women don't, and men existing in a framework that makes their lives easier at the expense of other groups is socially acceptable hatred of men. Cripes, it's like watching a small boy complain his mother hates him because he only got nine sweets and he wanted ten.

"Her opinions are a towering, crass example of misandry (the male equivalent of misogyny) which is so embedded in our societies, schools, music charts, television programmes and newspapers that it frequently goes unnoticed." 

Misandry, about as feared as the Toothfairy and Santa Claus. See we live in a Patriarchy Peter, if there's anything in society, schools, music, TV or papers that hurts men? It's a side effect of misogyny. Misandry doesn't exist, it's a made up concept perpetuated by MRAs who are seemingly jealous that they don't get to be victims.

"As someone who isn't sexist (I worked on a feminist magazine for three years) and have a father who is the best man I know, I find her comments particularly cringeworthy." 

Someone who isn't sexist? Peter, just so you know? If you have to say it, you definitely ARE sexist. Also working for a feminist magazine doesn't make you not sexist, especially not when you spout sexist shit.

"Like all the boys I know, my nephew is a loving, caring, intelligent, funny and innocent person. But wider society will rarely tell him this. In fact, outside his family circle, he will be told he's clumsy, bashful, emotionally stunted and brutish.
As he gets older he'll be told he's developing much slower than girls; a low achiever in the making.
Unfortunately, this is only the basics. The entire system is at risk of letting him down: schools across the western world are failing boys because curriculums are so heavily feminised, women are earning more money than men per hour and also living longer."

Really? No, he'll be told he's a brute because as part of rape culture, society holds that men are not inherently responsible for their actions, that's misogyny. Also curriculums being "feminized" is fucking bullshit of the highest MRA degree, all that changed was women being more encouraged to show off our intelligence. Also women earning more then men? Only before they have kids (if they do) and hit the glass ceiling, on average women make 80% of what a man does once you aggregate it all. Also women living longer is just biology.

"Most university graduates are women, they benefit from better NHS funding and frequently enjoy legal leniency over the same crimes. Still not convinced?" 

They're still paid less than male university graduates. Also I don't know where the bollocks about better NHS fund came from but it's bollocks, women are more likely to die from many preventable conditions. The leading cause of death in women is heart attacks but women are TWICE as likely to die from one because we're more likely to have our symptoms dismissed as "anxiety" and "overemotionalness".

As for legal leniency? On average women tend to perform less violent crimes, and the primary reason for leniency is that they are often the main care providers for children. Perhaps if you changed the assumption that babies = women's work, that might change. That's a function of misogyny.

"One in six victims of domestic violence are male - but are ignored - and many male victims of female-on-male sexual assault are laughed at."  

 So are the other five women. Again, misogyny in action, except Peter's too ignorant and sexist to recognise it so blames women for it.

"Society is happy to trash males or see them fail because, in an eagerness to 'get' feminism - even the radicalised, extremist strands - male success is now misconstrued as gender advantage, not hard work or a human right to thrive. " 

Seriously how does one get to be a journalist and remain this fucking completely unaware, especially after working on a feminist magazine for years? A: society isn't eager to get feminism, it is and still is an uphill struggle. B: Men do have a gender advantage that makes it easier for them to succeed because we live in a patriarchy.

"I, for one, won't take it lying down. I'm about to launch a legal battle with my gym, the Kentish Town Sports Centre, because it bans all males - including young boys and pensioners - for several hours every week to make it a 'safe' area. "  

Because heaven fucking forbid women have space and time where they know they're not going to be subject to rape culture, the male gaze and many other creepy issues men often bring with them into such spaces?

"The fact that women are not in danger for the rest of the time is an aside; it's a sexism which reinforces that myth that men are born in a dormant state of 'wrongness' and must be controlled. We're not."  

Not in danger? How wonderful that you, a man apparently get to decide what is danger, cos nobody ever has followed you around the gym making gross comments right? So it can't possibly happen to us women. Finally he gets one thing a tiny bit right, the belief that men are mad rapists is sexism, but it's sexism created by men and rape culture. So if you fucking tackled that women wouldn't need safe spaces!

"No, we don't know each other, but we do live a few streets away from each other in North London. Perhaps, after an impromptu chat on the treadmills, she would exercise her brain as well as her body"  

Peter's totally not sexist. But he'll still tell a woman via his column that she's stupid after spouting the most appallingly sexist ignorant shit himself. Cripes, no wonder she doesn't want a boy, it might grow up to be just like Peter Lloyd and that would be an embarassment.

 "Then, in 25 years time, when their son leaves home with an intelligent, balanced wife, Esther will have every reason to be very, very proud of her son - not least because he was smart enough to choose a woman who's nothing like her."

Because of course if she has a boy he has to be a straight and Peter once again has to make a jab about Esther's intelligence.

Congratulations Peter Lloyd, you're sexist as hell. 

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