Monday, 16 December 2013

White woman is not short hand for...

Straight, able bodied, rich, cis, conventionally pretty white woman okay?

I am tired of the myth that if some abuser who targeted WoC had so much as looked funny at any white girl, he'd be in jail. It isn't true in reality unless the white girl has some serious privilege.

Taking the Rochdale case as an example? The only reason that case broke and we heard about it? Was the predators targeted one girl who had parents with the wherewithal to do something about it. If they'd stuck to their usual MO of targeting severely underprivileged white girls? It would probably still be going on. I come from a place where the same thing went down, as far as I know? It's still going on, nobody in power is going to move against the rich men preying on the poverty stricken children of a desperately poor community.

Nobody cares about the children raped there by those who could be the brothers of the Rochdale predators. We grew into adults and nobody listened. Some of the adults who should have protected us even helped them target us. The idea that magically adults would have listened to us based on our skin color is erasive fucking crap okay? The targeted community houses the poorest of the poor with high levels of untreated disability and mental health issues, our council didn't even care we existed, the social services? Took a massively lax approach to our safety, it wasn't worth telling them anything, they'd tell those we couldn't trust who would punish us for being victimised and then send us back in without any sort of protection, and of course once it came out that you were a victim? You were a slut and the adults would basically look the other way even more strenuously and let those guys do whatever they wanted with you.

As a child? I learned adults wouldn't protect me, that home wasn't safe and not to trust rich men from certain communities because so many were predators and nobody would do anything about it. I'm as white as a milk bottle, so don't fucking tell me that the world cares about all white presumed women because it doesn't. It cares about white, presumed straight, able bodied, middle class and up, cis white women. The rest of us can go fuck ourselves as far as it's concerned.

"If one of the victims was white it would be different" makes a good soundbyte, but it's not true and it's classist/disablist erasive crap that doesn't recognise that white presumed women don't all belong to the straight, able bodied, well off, conventionally pretty, white cis woman club.

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