Saturday, 2 November 2013

Can we please hold this person responsible finally?

Trigger warnings for mention of suicide, bullying and oppression.

Undoubtly everyone remembers the Hugo Schwyzer debacle and how every single white feminist was expected to apologise for his shithead antics.

That I can live with, even though it's not like white presumed women with multiple oppressions like me are really the ones pushing those narratives.

But what I'm tired of living with is the fact that we're also expected to constantly swallow the oppressive actions of certain well off, able bodied, cis, WoC feminists and MoC, because their racial oppression is held as a trump card, and race is held more important than telling certain big name privileged PoC activists not to be Disabilist/Transphobic/Classist/insert oppressive ism when they are so. I'm not asking for all PoC to be held responsible for bad anti-social justice behaviour from big name PoC activists, but I am asking that the sort of shit Hugo pulled not be acceptable in PoC activists either.

I can count on one hand with four fingers and a thumb to spare the number of times I've seen acknowledgement from a straight/able bodied/cis/well off PoC after they said/did something oppressive, or seen them being pulled up by PoC for it if they won't stop being oppressive. (White privileged feminists ignore it since it isn't their oppression).

I am angry about the amount of times I've seen certain big name largely privileged PoC activists slut shame, harangue survivors (apparently "I believe her" means "so long as she's one of my group") spout disabilist language and justify it. I am angry about the notion that any amount of bullying is permissable so long as the bully is a a very privileged PoC and claims to be fighting oppression, I wasn't aware fighting racism required using disabilist slurs FFS.

I am angry about the fact that a big name WoC activist has repeatedly that I know of driven someone to the brink of suicide, for things like being open about their history abuse. Apparently bullying a survivor into nearly killing themselves is okay if you're really really convinced they're lying about being a survivor.

I'm angry about this, and I'm really angry that people still treat folks like Karnythia as if she isn't a problem.

Karnythia aka Mikki Kendall?

Has an ugly history of bullying people. She's part of a group that are well known for things like shaming female survivors for being afraid of men, for things like accusing survivors of lying, for bullying individuals to the point where some of their victims have landed up in hospital. I personally I know one and more than once I had to stop that person from cutting their wrists after Karnythia got through with them. I would not be surprised if some of the people she's bullied into disappearing didn't just disappear. If Karnythia does not have blood on her hands, it would be out of sheer luck.

She wants credit for something? Let her have credit for this behaviour of hers, let her have credit for every minute people have spent on the brink with only a thin life line because of her.

Let her have credit for making a survivor want to die after surviving horrific injuries and decades of abuse only to find that someone who proclaimed to be for social justice was only too happy to hammer home that nobody is ever going to believe that survivor, not even someone who claimed to be for social justice.

Let her have credit for embodying an hierarchical version of social justice that has nearly resulted in deaths. Let her have credit for being a flawed fallible human being and just as much part of the system and the problem at times.

Karnythia isn't the only one though. She's just the one who has had the biggest impact on survivors I know. We all need to be better, White feminism needs to do better, but the shit I've written about today? That also needs to fucking be addressed because social justice should be about fighting oppression not bullying people into killing themselves.


  1. I was one of her victims.

    I attempted to kill myself after she and her followers bullied me for more than a year.

    It sickens me to see that she has gotten away with it.

    She truly is the sociopath she used to proudly claim before her rebranding.

    Its very clear that now that she is getting the legitimate attention that she craves, this is the last thing she wants to come out about her.

    As a tip, if you want this to be seen, include her name and alias along with what she's done in the title.

    1. To be honest, I think if it was more well known, her followers would descend on me again, she's been hammering at me for years.

  2. There is another way.

    There was a pretty notorious catfish in. Harry Potter fandom who managed to dupe a lot of people into following her around by making several socks and lying to stir up drama.

    Karnythia/Mikki Kendall has used similar techniques.

    Several years ago she wrote an article about a dramatic abortion that seemed pretty implausible.

    She wrote about doctors refusing to give her a life-saving abortion because they could save the baby, but she would die.

    Actual doctors and a prominent pro-lifer said that there was no way it happened.

    It was suspicious, to say the least, but because she was being attacked by a notorious pro-lifer, her social justice minions rallied to protect her without ever checking the validity of her story.

    She also wrote an article on Angry Black Woman about her experience and issues with being an "attractive black woman".

    That got mixed feedback from the followers of the blog.

    Oddly, the only photos floating around were of that cartoon icon that was three shades lighter than she actually is and an obscured profile shot.

    Now, that she's trying to go legit, she has a full face shot attached to her profile and no sign of the "dainty little sociopath" moniker that she proudly use to use.

    Her full face shot is not what you would expect to have written that article.

    She has a lazy eye and crooked features.

    This is not a judgment on her looks but evidence that she lies, a lot.

    I think if anyone actually did any real investigating, they'd find a lot of inconsistencies and lies in her stories and likely plenty of socks as well.

    I think it will eventually all come out.

    There are plenty of people who know what she is. They just don't care enough to get involved with her circle.
    I've seen other places decry her dishonest tactics and bullying.

    I think she shot herself in the foot with her history of lies and attacks.

    No matter how hard she tries to erase that history, the internet has a long memory.

    She is not and never will be as big as she could be because too many people have seen what she is.

    If she ever gets too big, it will all come out.

    1. I'm uncomfortable with the idea of questioning, since it is plausible she was denied life saving care. Also it's her tactic to deny people's stories and I think it's an ugly tactic. Also regardless of whether she is attractive to any given person, it's important for PoC to be considered attractive and to consider themselves attractive. I think her attacks on people are serious enough that one doesn't need to sink to her level.

  3. You guys need to provide evidence of Kendall's bad behavior, not just make vague complaints about it. Documentation is necessary.

    Also, it is NOT plausible that she was denied life-saving care. And if there is a doctor in a hospital who wants to see women dead for life-saving abortions, people need to know about it. The fact that Kendall never sought any kind of redress for what she claims was either a murder attempt, or at best horrible malpractice, is a sign that she had NO evidence the doctor wanted her dead for seeking an abortion, as she claims all throughout her Salon article.

    She is completely unethical as a journalist - which shouldn't be a surprise considering what a narcissistic bully demagogue she is in every other aspect of her public life.

  4. It's easily available via google and from trawling SF_drama for her comments which could be ugly. The whole calling up a funeral home thing in particular is common knowledge. My writing is not meant to provide cheap titillating gossip.

    Actually yes it is, after all Savita was denied life saving care. As for redress? One needs the time, energy and money to seek legal redress, and given how hospitals tend to close ranks? It's very hard to get anything done. I don't imagine that someone who nearly died would be in any state to take a hospital to court, much less win.