Monday, 12 August 2013

Apparently shit rises to the top.

 Trigger warning for mentions of abuse.

Social justice it seems has a really short memory when it comes to big names who used to be absolutely shitty.

One person I've recently seen being held up as a big name within certain sections, was part of a group responsible for some really awful behaviour, including invading communities where survivors talked about their experience, second hand arm chair diagnosing the abusers with mental illness and telling the survivors to basically shut up and that they shouldn't be talking about it because their abuser was clearly ill and not responsible for their actions, or outright calling people liars.

They jumped on survivors for doing whatever they needed to do to survive, criticizing people for actions committed while they were a child with a child's coping skills just trying to manage in an abusive environment. They policed the responses of survivors constantly, didn't regret something bad you did to survive while a kid? You're an awful person. Didn't act broken enough? You're lying.

They piled on women survivors who were scared of men for being "sexist".

This person in short has a long long history of basically shitting all over survivors especially survivors belonging to groups they don't belong to. Yet over and over, they're held up as an example of social justice. They talk about solidarity, but they have none for anyone who doesn't have the same oppressions as them.

And yet, they'll never be outed for any of this shit because this shit is seen as exclusively the domain of certain groups they don't belong to. They are no worse than others, but their extra minorities basically act as a shield against anyone ever realising that for many of us? That person was a Hugo.

Hugo is getting flack despite the ignorants pushing back against it, this person has never received one drop of flack for any of the shitty stuff they've done or said, and they probably never will.

I could name them but if I did, they wouldn't get shit for anything they've done, I would get shit for daring to "attack" a "true social justice advocate" because that is what they're seen as, but to me? They'll always be a Hugo. I will never trust them, and I will never stand in solidarity with any group that fetes them because such a group can never be in solidarity with me when it harbours a Hugo within. I have about as much desire to expose myself to that level of toxic shit as I have to taking a swim in sewage.


  1. You aren't talking about 'dear' Amanda Marcotte, are you?

  2. I am a victim of abuse and years of oppression exercised by the shit in authority. It all happened in the Bridgend area of South Wales between 1973 and 1993. In 2008 it was known globally as The Suicide Capital of the UK.
    I have just published a book "A Pain In The Rs" which shows what abusers of power and authority go to in order to come out on top.
    Nothing beats being the best or better; but those who are inferior and cannot accept their inferiority are obsessed with coming out on top as they will never be the best. Coming out on top is more for cheats and the shit of society as the best are rarely seen at the top.
    Anyone trying to exercise false one-upmanship is a shit.