Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Why Landon Bryce does not represent me:

Not content with what he pulled before and got criticised for here:

Landon has decided to revise history.

In the comments:

Landon said:

The author of this post has left comment here, attacking me. I cannot espond because she has blocked me. I think if you read it you will understand why I find her hateful.

Firstly, he's not blocked, if he cannot comment, it is no doing of mine. I don't have anyone blocked on the relevant sites. He has me blocked, chiefly because I asked him to stop saying harmful things and explained why those things are harmful. A central point of the responsibility we all have for speaking up is not to use our platforms to oppress others, or at least to address it when we do and are told it, a responsibility Landon has failed at when it comes to Bisexual autistics, there is nothing "hateful" about expecting what is a basic level of intersectionality. I don't expect Landon to get it right all the time, I do however expect him to address it when he does engage in oppression rather than attacking the people he hurts, and he has chosen to do the latter.

This blog is also open for his comments, that is if Landon actually is willing to engage as he would expect others to engage with him when they hurt him.

As I said to him:

Landon, you do the same, characterising criticism of your stances as "hate" and deciding people are intending to "hate" you, and you do it to other autistic people. You are not the center of the lives of other people, sometimes you say things that hurt others and they respond to that hurt by telling you it hurts and why, you've never acknowledged it that I've seen and no, I am not talking about the parents of autistic children, I'm talking about your responses to other autistic people when you make hurtful and uninformed comments about other oppressions they suffer. That doesn't mean they hate you, just that they disagree with and are affected by your actions and words. I wish you could see it when you do it, it's not acceptable for parents of autistic children to do it and nor is it acceptable for you to do it.

Landon Bryce does not speak for this autistic because of how he handles areas in which he is privileged, and how he handles other autistics disagreeing with him. Until that changes, he's part of the problem for me and other autistics rather than an advocate for us all.

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