Friday, 11 January 2013

I ain't divisive...

Yet again another supposedly pro-minority group decided to throw two thirds of it's membership out in the cold because we have a different gender to the owner or are female bodied. Cos hey sexist shit isn't a problem so long as you defend it and say you found it funny, and tell the rest of us we're humourless for being pissed and offended.

Then followed it up today with posting a demand for "we're all in this together" and "let's work together". Um, no, fuck you.

We aren't all in this together, you fucking prove that when:

You decide that some of us have to leave our gender/race/disability/class/sexuality/any minority at the door in order to be part of a group.

You decide that it's okay to slag off another minority and when members of that minority who share a minority with you tell you that they are offended by said slagging, you paint them as unreasonable.

You decide that we have to put up with wounds from bigotry aimed at our other minorities because said bigotry supports your minority.

Minority groups?

If you want to talk about being all in this together, be all in this together, no more sexist woman hating crap in Gay and Trans circles, no more racism in feminist circles, no more disabilism in feminist/PoC circles.  No more bigotry in our spaces point fucking blank.

Demanding we tolerate this shit, and expecting us to do so is fucking divisive, far beyond the crap such circles complain about.

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